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For techvice, web development is the basis with which we started. We carry out work that allows your business to achieve high goals.

You need to follow the changing trends and adapt the technology to the user’s needs. In this case, the website will not leave you out of the modern world. You and your clients will stay on the trend.


Thinking about website development? Take a look at this:

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By having a website, you will increase your reputation, brand recognition and expand your influence areas.


You can create your own unique website, which will distinguish you from other competitors.


By having a site you automate the work of departments of the organization, that will make your life easier.


Sites are SEO-friendly and indexed by Google and other search engines.


Your site will not be ignored. With the modern unique design and user-friendly interface, it will attract a large number of visitors and increase sales. So the site can be used by customers more than once. Also, the site can show fast performance.

Web Development Service


Custom Web Development

Our company provides web development services, adapts the process according to your requirements, and allows you to move forward rapidly. We think outside the box, offer high performance, give a sense of modern design charm, and develop quickly for all devices and projects. We work with a wide range of technologies to create unique solutions that will have value for your customers.


Web Portal Development

Efficient and timely use of information from employees, partners and customers is one of the factors of company’s success in the market. We develop web portals according to the customer’s needs and business development plan. Web portals allow managing tasks efficiently, publish content, and attract more visitors. Our company pays attention to providing high functionality and accessibility, attractive design, convenient and clear interface, fast content delivery. We build custom web portals from marketplaces and media to enterprise and job portals.


eCommerce Solution

Techvice provides efficient and functional e-commerce solutions for our clients, providing a user-friendly interface, and outstanding marketing opportunities. For some people, the development of an e-commerce site is the start of business with the right technology stack. For others, it is an opportunity to renew the business, successfully rebuilt and grew into a multi-profile enterprise. We offer a full range of e-commerce platforms including B2B and B2C, mobile commerce, and electronic payment methods.


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Web development process flow

Web development is divided into several stages. Look at the process.

Defining goals and target audience

At this stage, we define project goals and tasks. The customer should understand what the site is for and what the company will achieve with its help. The definition of goals and objectives will allow determining the best strategy for further development of the project. There is an in-depth analysis of the target audience. It is important to understand for whom the site is created, what the customer can offer to clients, and how the audience will react to the proposal. Based on the analysis, the site structure, content, design, functionality, etc. are formed. After the definition of goals and analysis, a detailed project plan is drawn up, which includes all funds that will be spent on development, budget, schedule, technical documentation, and deadlines.

Site structure development

At this stage, a site map is created. It shows the relationship between pages and how users will interact with the site. This helps to understand how convenient the site will be in use. This helps to understand how easy it will be to use. A site map is designed to create an easy to navigate and user-friendly product.


At this stage, the designer defines the appearance of the site, color scheme, the presence of graphic elements and so on following the concept of the site. The designer is based primarily on the preferences of the customer and the target audience while working on the design. Location and appearance of the navigation elements, intuitive perception of these elements by the user, minimizing user activity – these are the tasks that the designer must solve when creating a design and navigation. At this stage, a page layout is created. The template shows the structure of the page, its contents and displays basic functionality using colors, logos, and images. Using the template, you can see how the final website will look.

Frontend & Backend Development

The developer converts all graphic elements into HTML code, i.e. adapts site images for any browser and device. Then the site will display correctly and equally in all browsers. HTML encoding affects the speed of web page loading and stability. The programmer prescribes in a certain programming language all the attributes of the site made by the designer and collected by the maker. Also at this stage, the CMS is installed. It is necessary to determine what kind of administration system will work on the site. It helps to create pages, categories, and subcategories of a project, determine the order of menu tab operation, and arrange hyperlinks. All static website elements that were previously designed when the template was created turn into real dynamic interactive web page elements. SEO-optimization is carried out to raise the position of the website in the results of search engines. The site gets the final structure, which will be presented to users.


Testers check for bugs and errors in the work and notify developers to correct all problems. They check every link, every form and script. The text is checked with a spell checker to identify possible typos and errors. Later, when all the defects are fixed, the project with all the files is transferred to hosting. However, after the transfer, the resource is tested again.

Launch and support

It is necessary to constantly maintain the site, timely update, and add information. This will help promote it in search engines and will attract more visitors and customers to the site. Regular updates will eliminate errors and security problems and will impress customers. We help our clients with this as well. Modern search engines analyze most elements of web pages: text, titles, HTML tags, style, and more. The results of SEO-robots are stored in a special database – search index, from which they are issued in a certain order upon user request.

What technologies do we use?

  • technologi
  • technologi
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is a low-level platform for working with JavaScript through the V8 engine. JavaScript runs on the client-side and Node runs on the server.


is a JavaScript library for creating user interfaces.


this framework simplifies basic tasks such as authentication, routing, sessions and caching.


this framework is used to create user interfaces. It solves the tasks of the view level and is suitable for creating complex single-page applications.


simplifies work with web forms, databases, e-mail, forms the appearance of the document and has other features.

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