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The media business resembles a huge iceberg – a beautiful client picture is accompanied by a huge hidden layer of technical processes. We are here to make your ship unsinkable.

Advanced broadcast software


Media business solutions

Today’s television is not the final market that affects billions of people. It is a dynamic global industry in which you should always be in trend. It is not surprising that huge amounts of money being spent on the development and distribution of media materials around the world.

Do you want to develop a media resource? Do you want to optimize the work of an existing business? Do you need to automate platform processes? Or do you have a unique idea that needs to be implemented?

Each business has its own needs, we offer an individual solution that meets your requirements. Experience has showed that the media business needs development, aimed at increasing operational effectiveness. It allows to increase productivity and reduce costs for activities.

Our decision

  • Techvice team develops ecosystems that include everything you need to create and manage beautiful mobile and plug-in television multimedia applications.
  • We develop applications for all media platforms and stores.
  • We develop applications with the function of viewing the TV channel.
  • We develop and implement content management systems that make it easy to add and edit content, plan the schedule of the broadcasting programmes, control the playback of advertising spots and etc.

Work on the result!

Our portfolio is our pride! For more than 5 years we have been developing projects for the TV and media spheres, we have projects for such large companies as Russian Comedy Club and MediaTool in our portfolio.

We provide a comprehensive solution to your business task, based on an analysis of your target audience, field of activity and the characteristics of your company, which will help optimize your business processes.

You are guaranteed to receive further technical support for the product, addition of functionality if necessary, and recommendations for maximizing the benefits of using the chat bot.

Our services

You can create an e-commerce site on different platforms, but not every platform suits everyone. We analyze the needs and preferences of your target audience, creating a unique and effective product that turns visitors into customers.

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Be one step ahead of the competition! Implement a chatbot and discover endless business opportunities. Does the client need to book a hotel, order a service, buy a ticket, check the availability of goods in the warehouse or get advice? Our chat bot can easily cope with any such task.

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Love moves the world. Our team will show you a completely new, engineering approach to this magical feeling.

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