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Be one step ahead of the competition! Implement a chatbot and discover endless business opportunities. Does the client need to book a hotel, order a service, buy a ticket, check the availability of goods in the warehouse or get advice? Our chat bot can easily cope with any such task.

Streamline your processes - earn more!


Want to automate your business?

Modern problems require modern solutions - this phrase describes very well the need for a business to keep up to date and automate work processes in its company. But how to achieve optimal automation while maintaining control and the ability to keep statistics and analytics?

The answer is simple - implement our Chatbot! In the modern world, Chatbots are gaining more and more popularity, penetrating almost all spheres of human life. They reliably settled in such industries as: taxis, online stores, courier and logistics services, education, food delivery, services and much more.

Do you need an automated business assistant? Or do you need initial customer consultation? Or maybe you want to advertise goods and services from your web resource? Or automate the order process? There can be an infinite number of tasks, one solution is the implementation of the Chatbot.

Our chat bots can

  • Take orders. Sell ​​goods and services.
  • Chatbot automatically accepts orders, book places, notifies sellers, etc.
  • Anwser the questions. Consult.
  • Chatbot provides answers to frequently asked questions, talks about your products and services.
  • Send out messages.
  • The chatbot will talk about the promotion, send news or notifications to the group or specific users.
  • Collect statistics. Evaluate the quality of service.
  • The chatbot will remember all user responses, analyze and compile statistics.

Techvice guarantees

Our company has been developing chat bots for social networks and instant messengers for more than 5 years, and we will also develop a chat bot for your site with various functionalities.

We provide a comprehensive solution to your business task, based on an analysis of your target audience, field of activity and the characteristics of your company, which will help optimize your business processes.

You are guaranteed to receive further technical support for the product, addition of functionality if necessary, and recommendations for maximizing the benefits of using the chat bot.

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