ZeaEye is a Denmark maritime safety company. They develop and manufacture safety and tracking equipment for everyone at sea, from kayaks to large sailing and motor boats. In case of an SOS, the alarm is transmitted to the Denmark Defense Service/JRCC.

The value of ZeaEye lies in shortening rescue times in case of an emergency and in saving lives.

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  • Number of project participants: 4
  • Project duration: 1 year
  • Industry: Maritime safety & Transport
  • Domain: IoT
  • Payment model: Time & Material

Technology stack:

React JS, Typescript, Styled components, REST API, Effector, Webpack, MapGL, Stripe, Firebase Database, Node JS, Formik
zeaeye controllerzeaeye

Business challenge

The project is a startup for the production of maritime safety equipment. The idea was to unite around a life-saving product people of interest, lovers and professionals of sailing, boating, surfing, fishing, etc. It was important to create a reliable, convenient and fast infrastructure for user interaction with the product.

zeaeye yacht

The development consisted of:

  • Creating the main website where registration, equipment purchases, subscriptions should be done.
  • Creating a consumer portal. There must be statistics like how much you have sailed, your route, maximum/minimum speed. It should be possible to put all your boats in your account and change the data in the settings.
  • Creating a business portal: The business portal should act as a club that unites users by their interests. The account owner should be able to manage profile data and keep track of members.
zeaeye website 2

Delivered solution

The client received a completely updated website, as well as consumer and business portals, which are fully compatible and represent a single infrastructure. They are linked to a controller, a special device for ships, boats, surfboards that collects data. It is also used to communicate with rescue services in emergencies. The controller acts as the main device around which the entire development was unfolding.

zeaeye trace


The website has expanded functionality. It is an online store where one can register, choose a product, subscribe to one of three subscriptions with the Stripe payment option, and deliver the goods to the client.

Consumer portal

The consumer portal is intended for personal use. The user can see all connected devices, boats, and change data in his profile. More than one device can be connected to the account and collect data from them. The profile has a media player that allows the user to review his route on the map and create a travel history, track maximum and minimum speed, position, sailing time, control the trip counter, update subscriptions on the dashboard.

Business portal

The business account interface is very similar to the customer account interface. Business account is a kind of club that brings together people of interest. But only the owner of the business account sees all the functionality, only he can track the location of the boat, the controller charge of the member who joined the club on the common map. The owner of the account can plan various events. For example, if organizing a swim for 10 people, the owner can add all participants and those who have joined can see in the business account such general information of other users as what boat the participant will be on or how many people will be in the team.

Business value

There are no Zeaeye analogs in Denmark, which makes this solution unique in the market. The project combines an IoT solution with public safety, allowing everyone on board to feel safe. Zeaeye has a contract with an insurance company for several hundred million euros and partnership with the Denmark Rescue Service, so in case of an emergency, a victim can call the emergency services to the scene using the controller or watch, regardless of their location.

We'd love to build something amazing together

Andrei Ivanov