Voila Reservations

Voila Reservations is a European agency offering premium booking services in cafes, restaurants, nightclubs, etc. They offer assistance in real-time, help in online ordering of meals, allow you to add unique services to the table. The company wants to stay on the trend and has contacted us for help in updating technologies on the site and in the application.

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The client needed to upgrade the website and mobile applications to up-to-date standards.

It was necessary to implement support for personal profiles, expand the list of services and cities where the client works.

At the moment we joined the project, both the website and mobile applications used outdated technologies.


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The team has implemented a complete modernization of the project — refactored the code of the website and mobile applications, introduced new functionality and optimized general performance.

In the course of the project the client made surgical changes based on business analysis, which the team managed successfully as well.

Modernization of the project allowed to reduce costs for Amazon Web Services by 300%, which was not included in the original plan of the client and was a pleasant bonus.

Throughout the development cycle, the team used the Kanban methodology with CI/CD set up for 3 development environments — dev, staging, and production

After a successful project launch, the client constantly comes back to us for the implementation of new functionality.



Creating a large media platform that really solves clients' problems

A real challenge for our developers, which they have dealt with in the best way

The service was launched in many European cities

The client has successfully expanded to other markets

The cooperation continues

The team has gained trust and is constantly improving the project

We'd love to build something amazing together

Andrei Ivanov