Stockcharts is a young company that deals with currency analysis and investment management for its clients. It allows customers to control investments, plan and implement investment systems, build charts and graphs anywhere, anytime, and from any device. The company asked us for assistance in creating a platform for technical analysis of price charts on exchanges.

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The client needed the fastest and most convenient platform for technical analysis of price charts on exchanges.

One of our teams had experience in this area, which reduced the client’s budget and development time.


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The client chose Kanban as a methodology and the whole development management process was on their side.

At first CI/CD was configured to automatically deploy three development environments – dev, staging, and production. This allowed us to avoid errors and bugs in the real product.

It was important to develop a system with the lightning-fast response to any changes in prices, followed by analysis based on patterns of price changes in the past in similar circumstances.

Since the team was already working on a similar project and the client was ready for changes in the original project, a compromise solution was created that satisfied the client completely.

The system has undergone a lot of tests, including stressful ones with a large flow of information. All the algorithms were calculated correctly, which was consistent with the predictions on commonly used models.



An effective predictive system based on technical data analysis

It allows the client to increase revenue and serve customers efficiently

Rapid Response System

Fast response of the system, allowing to track price changes with their analysis

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Andrei Ivanov