SIBUR Machine Learning Competitions Platform

SIBUR is one of the largest integrated petrochemical companies in the CIS region, which invests a lot of resources in the development of IT-technologies and also conducts hackathons. Carrying out a hackathon for an industrial company such events is also a tool to change the image and attract progressive specialists.

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The client needed a fast and lightweight platform for the machine training hackathon. The main task was to prevent any disruption in the final hours of the competition when the load on the system reached its maximum.


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To prevent data loss in the final stages of the hackathon, the team implemented an infrastructure with fast scaling. Load testing was carried out, where all the shortcomings were corrected.

In addition, the team implemented its own anti-cheat system, which validated all incoming code for plagiarism. A pentest was carried out, which resulted in the system accepting only the original code.

During the hackathon competition the system showed itself in the best possible way, coping with loads and not allowing downloads of someone else’s code. Many participants positively noted both usability and platform performance.

The client was completely satisfied with the project.


Further cooperation with the client

We continue to support the platform during competitions

Contribution to the development of the IT industry

The team was enthusiastic about the project that helps developers create and improve their skills

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Andrei Ivanov