is an electronic currency exchanger, including cryptocurrencies. It allows you to perform such operations as an auto exchange, input, and output of electronic currencies online and offline at special exchange offices. They wanted to make the platform fast, simple, and secure.

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The client needed a reliable and fast platform to exchange electronic currencies. It is important that transactions are synchronized in a common pool, have protection, and high data security.


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At the very first place the team developed a secure exchange system, which did not allow customers to use bypass ways of exchange and thus gain illegal benefit. Initially, the protection was tested by an internal team, and then went into Production, where it showed its exclusive effectiveness. Some users have repeatedly tried to deceive the system but without any success.

In addition to this, a referral program and a partner’s cabinet were implemented, which gave the opportunity to get additional profit to those who often exchange currencies.

The final touch was DDoS protection of the client’s website, which was often a subject to such attacks, as a result of which users could not use the direct service and went to competitors. The introduced protection allowed to ensure the twenty-four-hour availability and reliability of the service.

The project was successfully completed and is still technically supported by us.



Successful launch of a secure service for exchanging various currencies

The daily growth of transactions directly indicates the same

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The team has made a more advanced security solution than the client originally anticipated in the project

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