A company with an innovative approach in telecommunications and media. It's an all-in-one efficient scheduling and playout system. For several years it has been engaged in live broadcasting and streaming. Having accumulated experience and expertise, they decided to create their own product that will not only help to reduce costs, but also effectively manage all media activity in one place.

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The client needed an experienced development team that already had experience in creating similar products.

The client also needed to deploy the CI/CD environment in several stages to continuously develop new functionality.


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We chose Kanban as the most flexible methodology that allows us to spread tasks between developers and create an application skeleton.

CI/CD was configured to automatically deploy three development environments – dev, staging and production.

This allowed us to avoid errors and bugs in the real product, as all the changes were tested at lower levels.

As the development progressed, the client trusted the team more and more and was satisfied with the quality and feedback, which allowed our analysts to offer several improvements to the original project. For example:



Creating a large media platform that really solves clients' problems.

A real challenge for our developers, which they have dealt with in the best way.

A satisfied client who has made sure of our expertise.

New functionality and modules are still being developed. Besides, our team provides the application service.

Confirmed code quality.

The client's IT department paid careful attention to the code quality throughout the project and was never disappointed.

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Władysław Prażmowski

CEO mediaTool linkidn

The engine Techvice developed is the core of the client's system and they've been an essential asset thus far. Executing great organizational skills, they deliver on time and are very flexible. They understand the client's needs and have a great customer approach to the process.

We'd love to build something amazing together

Andrei Ivanov