IPSO is a humanitarian, non-profit organization that provides psychosocial support, health, and socio-cultural dialogue services. It provides culturally sensitive psychosocial counseling, personal and online counseling services worldwide. It focuses on individual psychosocial well-being. We had to make a user-friendly website with a donation acceptance mechanism.

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Our task was to develop a website with a clear and understandable end-user structure and mission of the client. In addition, a donation mechanism had to be envisaged.


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The team decided to implement the project using WordPress, as it is quite flexible and productive platform that meets all the needs of the client.

A language change and donation mechanism were envisaged.

The project was completed on time, which was noted by the client as well as the work quality.



A tiny job for the good of all humanity

We are confident that the site will allow dozens of people to find help they need

We'd love to build something amazing together

Andrei Ivanov