Dating Woman Ukraine

A large dating provider in the CIS region. Based on the existing website, the client wanted to develop applications for iOS & Android.

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The client wanted to see fast and modern applications that would parse all the information from the website and give it to the user in a convenient way.

The main problem was outdated website technologies and the inability to use the API.

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We chose Kanban as a methodology that allows us to spread tasks between developers with reports and live demo for the client every 1-2 weeks.

CI/CD was configured to automatically deploy three development environments – dev, staging, and production.

For application development the team chose React Native as the most flexible and fastest framework that integrates iOS & Android.

Due to outdated site technologies and the inability to use the API, a flexible layer was developed that completely parses the site and transmits information to applications through the REST API. This avoided costly site upgrades and had a positive impact on application speed. This solution was fully satisfied with the client.

The project is still being worked on, new functions and modules are being implemented.

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The client is satisfied with the development process and the result obtained

The team took over the development process completely, including active management

Long-term collaboration

Long-term collaboration. The client wants to connect the team to other projects related to mobile application development for iOS & Android

React Native as a universal framework

The team was distrustful (?) of universal frameworks, but received excellent performance and good experience on this project

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