The company is engaged in the development of artificial intelligence technology and its implementation in a wide range of areas.

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The client has seen the product as a cloud platform that will allow to make an assessment of staff online without leaving the office.

The core of the product is a special system based on artificial intelligence developed by the client. It allows analyzing emotions, facial expressions and gestures of the employee. In addition, the content and tone of speech are analyzed.

Our main task was to create a flexible, fast and trouble-free system, which includes an assessment system, video capture and different roles for the examiner and the test person.


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The team used Scrum methodology with weekly sprints. After each sprint, a working prototype application was ready. The client’s project manager set the tasks to the team composed of varied developers. When there were some details insufficient, the remote team lead grasped all client’s requirements within brief Skype calls, with getting feedback to incorporate changes as work proceeds.

After the development of the main part, the project was handed over to the client to implement the artificial intelligence module. The transfer was successful, which allowed to launch the product in a short time and attract the first customers.



Excellent availability and scheduling

The team completed all tasks without any complaints and was always in touch, which was shown by the clients’ PM feedback

Successful project launch with strong AI core

An innovative project at the intersection of present and future technologies has successfully started and found its clients

Positive feedback and further cooperation

The client was satisfied with the quality of the code and the team as a whole. We continue our cooperation on new projects

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Sergey Martynov

CEO Brainex linkidn

We aimed to build a scalable software solution, able to handle thousands of users simultaneously and storing huge amounts of data. At the same time we needed a modern and friendly design and responsive interface. All engineers, developers were available for calls if required. So far it is going good enough.

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