Mobile Development

is an art

The market for mobile applications is constantly growing. To be successful in today’s market it is necessary to be in line with its realities and stay user-friendly. If you think that mobile apps are created only for big and recognizable brands, then you are wrong. More and more companies realize that an effective mobile strategy involves more than just a mobile-friendly website.


What we do

What we do

Develop iOS, Android, IoT and PWA Apps

What we do

Create a design

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Do Web, Servers
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Form marketing strategy

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Why you need
a mobile application

  1. Mobile apps are designed specifically for each OS and have a mobile-friendly design, show fast performance, and can interact with other mobile applications

  2. A mobile application can significantly increase brand awareness, differentiate you from other competitors, improve customer engagement and loyalty

  3. With your mobile application, you will be of special value to your customers

  4. Applications help automate business processes and simply serve to make a profit

  5. Push notifications are a good chance to be closer to your customers. So you can easily remind them of your products and services

  6. With a smartphone at hand, customers can use your application at any time and wherever they are


Mobile App Development Services


iOS Mobile App Development

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Our developers follow the requirements and guidelines necessary to provide iOS application development services, as well as major tasks such as device compatibility, performance and memory limitations, etc. We provide solutions that can run smoothly on Apple devices, regardless of device specifications or installed iOS version. As a result, our customers receive outstanding mobile apps that fully meet Apple’s user interface standards.


Android Mobile App Development

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From design to testing and support – we provide services for the development of mobile applications, which will help you create a new Android application. The priority of the team is reliability, convenience, and high performance, so we create functional applications for Android, listening to your requirements, and corresponding to your business. Android applications will be able to lead more users, increase customer loyalty, and make the brand more recognizable.


Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

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  • Cordova
  • flutter

Cross-platform development will reduce the cost of creating and updating a mobile application, reach more audiences without loss of quality, and provide a good user experience for customers. We develop applications that can enter the market Google Play and App Store with a single code, which helps to accelerate your application release time. With a cross-platform application, you can invest in IT solutions with less effort.


Progressive web applications open up new opportunities to work with mobile applications that are optimized, reliable, and fully available on the Internet. They reduce development time, provide quick ways to update your content, and are suitable for any device.

Techvice helps companies make the most of their potential and provide services in creating advanced web applications.

We offer customers advanced PWA solutions, test, and deliver advanced web applications with high performance and availability that are hosted on users’ home screens.

IoT App Development

Techvice helps companies open new business opportunities, improve productivity, link processes for customer service, and improve decision making based on connected devices and M2M technologies.

We can help you develop an IoT project from scratch or refine an already running application. We understand the specifics of the IoT concept and select the technologies that meet your requirements, ensuring the highest quality at the best cost.


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Mobile development process flow

Our team carefully considers each stage of application development.

Planning and analytics

The first step for application development is to define the product vision and analyze the competitors’ market. During the meeting with the customer, our specialists find out what the customer wants, what his requirements are, and what solution is necessary for his business. It is also necessary to understand who your users are, what they want, and what you can give them. Analytics helps businesses and developers achieve a common vision of the future product.

Approval and signing of the contract

After defining the requirements of the application, it is necessary to prepare project documentation on its functionality. This is one of the most important tasks of business analysis, the mechanism of user interaction with the application should explain the basic logic of its work. The documents describe the essence of the product, warranty, and copyright protection for the product. Based on all received data, such as the analysis, definition of development details, and formation of functional requirements we prepare and sign a contract between the company and the customer.

Interface design and engineering

At this stage, the application interface is created. The design is developed following all wishes and requirements of the client. The main goal is to create a user-friendly interface that allows the client to easily navigate through the application. The design must be unique and stylish, for the application to attract users’ attention and stand out from the competition. The designer creates application screens and graphic elements. He draws a screen map with links between them, graphic elements, and a detailed prototype, taking into account different scenarios of use. The experience of user interaction with the application should be not only effective but also enjoyable. Everything affects the user’s view of the application: background, font, widgets, and even textures. When drawing the design, the application takes on its future appearance.

Development and testing

At this stage, our development team writes code to implement the planned behavior of the application and connect the application logic to the server part, if any. The developers also implement a ready-made design in the code – they prescribe all styles and UI elements with which the end-user will interact. The back-end developer creates components and functions that are accessible through the user interface. The front-end creates a client part for easy and convenient use of the application. It creates all user functions, application optimization, and technical implementation of UI/UX design. During the testing phase of the product, we look for all possible problems that were made during its creation and fix bugs. Testing allows you to create a quality product.

Publication of the application

Before release, the application must be tested in an app store, such as the Google Play Market or Apple App Store. You should also make sure that the application is configured correctly for different platforms. Once the application is moderated and ready for use, it will be published in mobile app stores. And with this we help our customers.

Technical support

After publishing a mobile application, its story does not end. Even after starting an application, it needs support and development. If the client discovers bugs after the release, our development team fixes them. Any application requires constant improvements and changes. You need to update the application and remember to notify users when the update is released.

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