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The future of your company

We help startups and companies that want to cut costs and speed up the release of quality products. We also assist companies that do not want to spend time looking for a specialist on the stuff but attract a professional from the outside.


DevOps benefits

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DevOps is about increasing the volume and speed of development, reducing the time to market.


With DevOps, you enhance not only the process but increase the quality of your products and cut costs.


DevOps improve the quality of communication between departments.


DevOps converts complex manual processes into a tool-based approach.

DevOps services

  • Product release without delays

  • Protection of application code and functions

  • Deployment and optimization

  • Management and Support

  • Software development based on cloud services

  • Service Quality Guarantees

  • DevOps + CI/CD

  • Kubernetes + Docker

  • Each company understands the need for continuous new code and features releases for its products, as well as the importance of security and reliability of this process.

    We use DevOps practices, cloud services, and new tools to support and manage the product’s server infrastructure and automate all stages of the product life cycle.

  • Security is now more precious than ever. That’s why every company wants to be sure that the code is safe and can be executed in a production environment without problems.

    The DevOps model can be implemented without compromising security through automated compliance policies and configuration management techniques.

  • Building IT infrastructure is a very complex and important stage in the software development process. Incorrect modeling can lead to great problems in the future with scaling or resiliency of the project, so it is very important at the initial stage to build the right platform for the future project. Our team has a wealth of experience in designing IT systems architecture of different sizes and applications. We use the latest technologies and tools based on DevOps.

  • Constant modernization and innovation of methods and tools for IT infrastructure management and support can not leave you without a trace. Specialists are always up-to-date with all innovations in this area.

    Our team is constantly working with new technologies that are being implemented in this area and can ensure the use of reliable, stable and modern technologies in your business.

  • To be successful in business, it is important to upgrade the product and constantly add new features. DevOps cloud tools will make software development predictable and reliable. CI/CD and DevOps best practices reduce time to market. They also increase the reliability and performance of cloud or local IT infrastructure.

  • Together with DevOps methodology, we use ITIL to serve and support our customers. We use best practices and tools. That’s why we guarantee you the agreed SLA and are financially responsible.

    ITIL is the most common and authoritative methodology in the world. It describes the best methods used in practice to organize the work of IT departments or companies.

  • CI/CD is a method of constant delivery of applications to customers through the implementation of automation at the stages of application development.

    This technology allows us to run automatic tests every time the code change to find out hidden errors and fix them, saving you time and money. By using CI/CD we deliver a product that users need with less risk and release new features more frequently.

  • Docker is a software platform for developing, testing, and deploying applications. Kubernetes is an open-source system that simplifies the design of microservice architectures and is used to scale applications and clusters.

    The use of these technologies enables fast and efficient code delivery, standardizes the operations performed by applications, and saves money. Users receive a product that can be run on any platform.


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The tasks that we solve


Infrastructure scalability. Hardware and software resources when needed


Process automation. From task definition to production release


Environment monitoring and optimization


Security and stability of work


24/7 support

Why do clients trust us?


Our experience covers E-commerce, Entertainment & Media, Chatbots, which gives us a unique perspective that we bring to each client relationship. We also work with other areas.

Techvice help clients see the world differently, discover new opportunities and achieve great results.

Single-window system

The Single Window System is a mechanism to simplify procedures for clients. It reduces costs and the amount of paperwork, provides access to information.

We care about the comfort of our clients and understand how precious your time is.

Professional team

Our specialists are well aware of the concept of nuances. They solve the tasks clearly and wisely, so the work quality is at a high level. As a pleasant bonus – our specialists have certificates of Microsoft, CISCO, Mikrotik, ITIL, which confirm their qualifications.

Personal DevOps Engineer

The client is provided with a personal DevOps engineer, who’s ready to solve your problems with an individual approach. The DevOps engineer helps you to coordinate the development process, promotes process automation and improves transparency.

24/7 support

We constantly monitor the process, so we provide 24-hour support and resolve issues immediately.


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