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Techvice fell in love with chatbots even before they grew in the number of features available today. Here you can see our conclusions about chatbots and why they are needed.


Why are chatbots popular?


Wow effect

The chatbot is the hallmark that will set you apart from the competition. This is especially true because of the similarity of competitive advantages.


Reducing the human factor

Almost completely eliminates the risk of error, will not forget to contact the client and immediately answer the questions.


AI and ML implementation

Chatbots are among the leaders in the usage of new and truly breakthrough technologies. Machine learning and artificial intelligence allow you to get beyond the boundaries.



Chat-bot will conduct a client survey, fill out a form, and easily select the best product/service according to your client's description.


Easy way to communicate

With the appearance of chatbots on the main sites, communication with the client has become simpler. Writing is easier and more convenient than making a call.


24/7 support

It works 24/7 and does not need a rest.

Chatbots that we create

  • Chatbots for financial institutions and banks

  • Chatbots for booking and buying a ticket

  • HR Chatbots

  • Chatbots for delivery services

  • Support Chatbots

  • E-commerce chatbots

  • Chatbots for healthcare institutions

  • Banks are implementing technologies to offer customers an improved user interface. There is no need to stand in long queues to perform various operations, which will save a lot of time. With chatbots, users can get all the necessary information about services, make an application, find the nearest ATM via GPS, and repay the loan.

    With new technologies, customers can find answers to all their questions and use Internet banking anywhere 24/7.

  • Suitable for hotels, hostels, cinemas, transfer companies.

    The chatbots are ready to show you the vacant seats, book, and pay for the room at the hotel, cinema, or any other place where you need to buy a ticket. They are ready to answer your questions in real-time and give you the necessary information. Also, chatbots can connect an operator, inform about services, promotions, and special offers, and keep you up-to-date.

  • Suitable for HR-departments, recruiting agencies.

    Employee chatbots change the concept of modern personnel management and provide new opportunities to enhance the experience of employees. They help to conduct surveys of job candidates, promptly provide all necessary information and automate HR processes. Chatbots are integrated with HCM systems for personnel management, performing the necessary tasks to meet the needs of the employee.

  • Suitable for pizzerias, restaurants, delivery services.

    Chatbots provide quick access to the menu and simplify the process of ordering, payment, and tracking online. They help to send information about current promotions and special offers. They integrate with CRM and ERP systems to keep in touch and improve customer service and facilitate segmentation.

  • Suitable for contact centers and support-departments.

    Today, chatbots improve the quality of customer service in call centers. They are able to record and process incoming client requests, get their status, and connect the operator to dialog. They provide a database of frequently asked questions to quickly find an answer to all questions, which saves time. Chatbots are integrated with Service Desk to provide services and help employees in their work.

  • Chatbots will be good assistants in your e-commerce business. They maintain a dialogue with a potential client, recognize questions, and provide the necessary information about the product, also they help to select the product by certain parameters. Chatbots inform clients about special offers and promotions. They will help buyers to place an order in the store and find the nearest self-delivery point.

    Chatbots will attract more visitors and help to increase sales, improve customer loyalty, reduce the number of cart leaves. This way the bot will be able to monitor the status of the order and the expected delivery time, allow clients to receive information in real-time 24/7, and answer questions.

  • The use of chatbots in medicine helps to automate work processes and ease the burden on medical workers. With their help, clients can view the doctor’s working hours and make an appointment, monitor their health status, and call for help in emergency cases.

    Chatbots offer solutions for simpler medical issues, organize patient pathways and give them the opportunity to find answers to frequently asked questions.


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Chatbot creation flow

Strategy, Conversational Journey, UI/UX

Before creating a bot, you must define the purpose of the creation and what role it will play. An equally important point for business is to understand how chatbots can save time, effort, increase efficiency, or other benefits. Then, it is important to identify the goals that the business wants to achieve with the bot. The set goals will help to move forward and develop the business with changing needs.

Defining the audience will help to determine which platform will be used to create the chatbot. Chatbots can be internal and client ones. If they are client-centric, it should be deployed on the platforms most frequently used by customers.

The bot has to be smart enough to understand the question being asked and to give an answer. The interaction with the client must be accurate, and the output answers must solve the user’s problems. To do all this, you need to start by building a content model of the conversation that will help the bot to give detailed answers. The conversational interface will allow the user to tell the bot what it needs to do.


The development phase includes frontend and backend components. The frontend part refers to the conversational interface and interaction with the user. The backend part refers to the computations performed by the bot and the integration with other web services.

When creating a bot, special attention is paid to the design of chat conversations. Chatbots can provide both logical answers to questions, and simple answers on daily questions, depending on what the user asks.

The bot-script usually guides the user to the right task. Depending on the context, the script may or may not support NLP capabilities. If the bot is designed with NLP, the bot script will handle a wide range of custom input options.

Chatbots are user-friendly, taking into account all their needs and desires, and available 24/7.


This is optional.

One of the key factors for the chatbot success is thorough training. To achieve the best possible result, it is necessary to constantly test the bot together with a revision of the NLU (natural language understanding) components. These components should be reviewed and improved from time to time to make it more accurate and interactive. Chatbot, who has the artificial intelligence and customer support function, should know what questions he will be asked and how to answer them. All information for his training can be taken from emails, FAQs, answers to customer communications, or provide the bot with a lot of similar information about the industry he will be working in.

Testing is an integral part of any product development. At this stage, the bot is tested, finalized, and tested again. Not only the code should be tested, but also the messaging process itself. After all, the chat is created for a certain platform, which may have its limitations and rules. It is also exposed to a small group of real end-users.


Once chatbots are almost complete, they need to be deployed in the host environment. For stable and correct operation, the hosted environment needs monitoring and support.

Some platforms require checking before publishing a bot, so you will have to verify it for further work.

Chatbots must not violate the privacy policy, must interact with users correctly to get approval for placement. Only after approval, you can put your chatbot on the platform.


Even after the product is released, work on it does not end. The bot needs constant support and timely training. As customers use the chatbot, it is desirable to monitor the result for improvement and future development. Developers monitor the correct execution of tasks, identify and correct weaknesses, and collect feedback from users to improve interaction.



Chatbot integration w/ SAP, salesforce, CRM, ERP systems and more through API


Facebook Messenger







We understand that chatbots aren’t just a trend for your business

ROI focused

Using customized chatbots will demonstrate the effectiveness of business solutions, transform your customer service strategy, increase the potential and speed of your human agents. Results and ROI depend on many factors, such as team size, agent compensation, average chat duration, etc. Investments will lead to savings and increased customer satisfaction, which will allow you to have returning customers. As a result of greater attention to their needs and faster response from agents, visitors will enjoy the interaction and increase brand loyalty, resulting in a higher return on investment.

Lead generation

Chatbots provide customers with an easy and convenient way to communicate with your business through existing messaging platforms. Personalized messaging helps consumers in their “buyer’s journey” by guiding and recommending a quick solution. Chatbots will help to identify unqualified potential customers who are wasting your time and help you focus on more valuable visitors. Bots can help clients by asking leading questions that will lead them to purchase. In this way, they provide high conversion rates.

Customer service improvement

One of the components to increase sales and customer loyalty is to improve the quality of service and the ability to find a common language with them. Chatbots allow customers to interact with your brand easily and provide a quick response to their requests. The client can get a quick solution to the problem without leaving home 24/7. Chatbots understand the context of the conversation and can send messages to the right department. This efficient method will leave your customers satisfied. So they will come back to you next time.

Turnkey solution by team of experts

Creating and implementing chatbots is a multi-step process that requires due attention and the team of experts who will develop a unique solution that fits your business. Our specialists work to provide our customers with quality service and solutions to achieve a competitive advantage. We are responsible for the work done, promptly resolve any emerging issues, provide the necessary support and services to maintain successful implementations. Our team works closely with customers to obtain data and feedback for continuous promotion and improvement of our services.


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