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Why do we need neural networks? Examples of use

Neural networks are becoming a trend that is rapidly taking over new areas and markets as algorithms improve. So in this article we decided to tell you about some of the most interesting cases.

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Top 7 online payment services

Today, online payment services have changed the way you do business. From freelancers to retailers and SaaS companies, the ability to receive money directly is much easier. But do you know what payment services exist? In this article, we’ve prepared a small overview of some of the most well-known services.

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What is Big Data visualization: a small guide with examples

There is so much information collected and analyzed in the world that we need a way to package it all into a convenient and simple form that everyone can access. Data visualization gives a clear idea of the meaning of information by giving it a visual context. This article looks at common types of data visualization and presents some of the most interesting examples of uses.

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Talk about Blockchain

Everyone interested in cryptocurrencies, banking, or investing comes across blockchain, which has enormous potential to change various industries for the better. We were not left out and decided to tell you about blockchain, how the technology works, how it is connected to cryptocurrencies, and where else it can be used.

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The Internet of Behavior

Personalization is key to service effectiveness. And the more effective the service, the more customers will use it and adapt their behavior. IoB not only affects customer choice but also changes the product/service value chain.
But how much do you know about IoB? Let’s see more details at this article.

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How VR and AR affect the technology world

VR and AR are some of the most controversial technologies of the last millennium, and well-known companies are increasingly using them in their developments. And the popularity of VR/AR does not cease to grow. Read more about these technologies in this article.

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What IT trends await us in 2021?

The technology industry will take a new form in the coming year. There is no doubt that 2021 will bring many amazing technological achievements. In this article we will present the trends that are worth drawing attention.

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