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Internet of Things stocks

Internet of Things Stocks: why, where, and how to invest?

Currently, the world’s largest IT companies are making serious bets on IoT technologies. McKinsey’s Global Institute predicts that by 2025, the economic impact of the IoT will be $4 to $11 trillion. And investors will not miss this opportunity. But why invest in IoT? What the risks might be? Which companies’ stocks to buy? Read the article to learn more.

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Internet of Things

Using Machine Learning for the Internet of Things Solutions

The Internet of Things is having an economic, commercial and social impact on our lives. At this time, Machine Learning can provide embedded intelligence in IoT devices and networks and be used to solve various problems. Read more about applying machine learning for IoT in our article.

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Web scraping challenges

Web scraping challenges and how to deal with them

Some web scraping challenges can arise when collecting and retrieving data. To avoid this, you will need to follow some guidelines so that you can scrap without problems. That’s why in our article we decided to talk about such difficulties and how to deal with them.

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mental health chatbots

How can mental health chatbots help people with mental illnesses?

A shortage of mental health professionals has led to the use of chatbots by people with problems. Mental health chatbots are gaining popularity in society and causing discussions among specialists. Artificial intelligence-based chatbots are now being actively studied and used. But how effective are they and how exactly are they used?
We’ ll tell you more about this in the article.

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Web scraping: explaining where, why, and how

Competition between companies has led to the use of scrapers to monitor competitors and their products on the market. But this technology is not only used for spying or market research. We will tell you in more detail about what other purposes scraping is used for and by whom in this article.

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Development methodologies

What software development methodologies exist and which one would fit your project?

In today’s world, when any little thing can change customer loyalty, businesses need to be sure the product works perfectly. And the right development methodology will be one of the key factors defining its success on the market. That’s why in this article we’ll tell you about some famous methodologies and compare them with each other.

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How to protect data on the Internet

The Internet is no longer a safe place to share funny pictures. Now all your data can be stolen and misused. In this article, we will tell you how you can prevent information theft.

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Examples of neural networks usage now

Neural networks are becoming a trend that is rapidly taking over new areas and markets as algorithms improve. So in this article we decided to tell you about some of the most interesting cases.

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Top 7 online payment services

No matter what country you’re in or what business you’re running, you can accept and receive payments online. Today, online payment services have changed the way you do business. From freelancers to retailers and SaaS companies, the ability to receive money directly is much easier. But do you know what payment services exist? In this article, we’ve prepared a small overview of some of the most well-known services.

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Big Data Visualization: types and examples

In today’s world, so much information is collected and analyzed that we need a way to package it all in a convenient and simple form that is understandable and accessible to everyone. But is there such a way? Of course there is. Data visualization gives a clear idea of the meaning of information by giving it a visual context. In this article, we will look at common types of data visualization and present some of the most interesting examples of unusual visualization use.

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