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IoT systems hacked

Are IoT Systems Too Easily Hacked, And What Would Be The Fix?

The more devices connected to the network, the greater the risks regarding access to the IoT system and its use by attackers. Therefore, all efforts of companies and organizations are aimed at finding solutions to minimize the threat to IoT devices. That’s why we’ve prepared an article to present the threats to the Internet of Things and what solutions to take to secure the devices.

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data analysis

How Data Analysis Influence Decision Making in Business

Every company is guided by the principle of maximum benefit, minimum risk. They need to know that every decision they make is the right one. The only way to be sure is to analyze the data. This article will explain in more detail how data-driven business decisions are made.

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Internet of Things stocks

Internet of Things Stocks: why, where, and how to invest?

Currently, the world’s largest IT companies are making serious bets on IoT technologies. McKinsey’s Global Institute predicts that by 2025, the economic impact of the IoT will be $4 to $11 trillion. And investors will not miss this opportunity. But why invest in IoT? What the risks might be? Which companies’ stocks to buy? Read the article to learn more.

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