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Techvice. Developing one step ahead
Techvice is the team of experienced developers who like challenges. We work hard to bring the best solution or make perfect product. Our goal is to deliver high quality product and maintain high standards of development.
The company develops software and perfectly combines backend and frontend in software architecture. Techvice implements projects in the e-commerce sphere, develops mobile apps, chatbots and integrates CRM-systems.
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Our approaches
We provide innovative software solutions for your business using the agile, scrum and kanban methodology, which enables us to plan the process of software development and control it at every stage of the process.
The concept of agile software development is people-oriented; it is based on multiple iterations as well as risk minimisation.
Project management which is based on sprints – short iterations which provide a prompt reaction of the developers to minor alterations in stakeholders’ demands.
The method of visualisation of the software development process with the help of a special board used to control the stages of task processing and avoid parallel task processing.
The technologies we use
We successfully combine digital strategies and creative thinking while using the following technologies: PHP (Laravel, Symfony), Node.js, React.js, React-Native, Angular, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Memcache.
Operation algorithm
We develop software and mobile solutions for our clients and perfect the product at every stage of the process – from MVP to testing and running. The design stage is preceded by a detailed business analysis, prospect assessment and designer concept development. After developing and testing a prototype product we deploy the product and provide our further guidance.
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Finance & E-commerce
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Our projects
The “Developing one step ahead” slogan exactly represents the philosophy of Techvice. Within a five-year period of search for IT solutions for business we have implemented such large-scale projects in the B2B and B2C sphere as: e-commerce, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, frontend and backend development, CRM-system integration and chatbot development.
All works
Portal for machine learning competitions Development of a portal for machine learning competitions Details
Chat Bots Designer Development and support of a universal chat bot designer for the following platforms: Telegram, Messenger, Viber, VK Details
buy-manual.com The online store of technical documentation for agricultural machinery Details
All Shooters Media, Entertainment. Games portal. Details
We are recognised
As a result of our competence and superior service quality we are recognised by accredited European and American companies such as Exposit, Brainex, Avo and others.
Techvice engages web developers (frontend, backend, fullstack) into its team. We are interested in those who have confidence in dealing with narrow-focused tasks and those who have the eagerness to work on unique projects. We are looking for: Junior/Middle Front-end Developer We require: • Attention.
• Responsibility.
• Knowledge of JavaScript, ReactJS, HTML, CSS, HTML5, CSS3, OOP, React-Native, Redux, GIT/SVN.
• Prior experience working with Webpack or similar web-crawlers, MongoDB, Redis.
• 27 - 4 = ? Please, answer in your CV.
• Teamwork skills.
• Compliance with deadlines.
• Knowledge of Node.js, Angular and English will be an advantage.
We provide: • Formal employment.
• Exciting and challenging projects.
• Career growth and personal development.
• Regular revision of salary.
• Corporate events.
You will have to: • Develop new services based on modern technologies and tweak the existing services.
• Be involved into challenging projects.
• Develop web-based apps using ReactJS.
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Privacy policy

The Techvice Privacy Policy honours legal and ethical obligations of the company to its clients and partners. If you use our services, you automatically agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

The Policy is applicable to all personal information provided by the contracting company. The Techvice company collects technical data mainly from public sources: analytics, ad networks, other information providers. Techvice does not collect any special categories of private information about its clients.

We shall not transmit the information provided by the contracting company to third parties without the explicit consent thereto. The client on its part shall provide public access to any kind of information required for project work. The client may withdraw its consent to data processing, which will not prevent the company from complying with this Policy.

Techvice may transmit the personal information provided by the clients to third parties only if it is strictly required by the Belarusian or international legislation.

We take appropriate measures to minimise the risks associated with illegal access, disclosure and/or use of the data provided by the contracting company. However, the Techvice company shall not be responsible for the security of data transmission and storage of information on the Internet.

Techvice reserves the right to introduce alterations to the Privacy Policy at its own discretion. The alterations are available on the corresponding page on the website of the company.

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