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Doing mobile, chatbots, product design and more.
We combine a product approach with a strong engineering culture


Our services


Web Development

Microservices, middleware. Following trends and can do any integration


Mobile Development

Creating native applications by working with Swift and Kotlin. Doing cross-platform applications with Flutter


Media & Entertainment

Helping you take advantage of digital innovation with the latest technologies



A lot of expertise and our own enterprise platform


Product Design

Your desires - our work. From CJM to the final product



No more overlaps with full DevOps services coverage


You do the business,
we do the rest

Techvice is not just about writing code, it’s about an engineering culture. Each of us is a professional in his or her field. That’s why we’re proud of our team. Each project for us is a challenge to our skills, perfectionism, and the chance to call ourselves engineers.


Cutting edge

During this year we tested the machine learning implementation, neural networks and even AI in several projects. At the same time, we try to keep up with the evolution of programming languages and frameworks that we deal with every day. By the way, we are not the kind of people who use new technologies unnecessarily. That’s not okay.

Transparent relationships

We always support honesty and transparency regardless of the project size, so we have developed a system that allows you to minimize risks. Here are some of the points that help us:

  1. NDA. We know how important privacy is.

  2. Liability insurance. Follow all relevant insurance rules.

  3. Offer flexible work models. T&M, Fixed Price, Dedicated Team. We advise what is better to use before the project starts.

  4. High employee loyalty. Less than 10% attrition.

  • Our goal is to give the client a predictable result at a reasonable price.


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